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About Us

Pat Bitton and James Leonard, the principals at Euresto Partners, have been active in the technology business since the 1980s, so we've experienced the lows as well as the highs of this volatile market we all live in.

We also have a sister organization, Euresto Partners Limited, in the UK which offers similar services in Western Europe for companies headquartered outside the region. Euresto Partners Limited is owned and operated by Graham Mann, a veteran of the EMEA information security world.

How we work
Our normal business terms are a mix of retainer plus equity and/or commission. Because working with us gives you access to our Rolodexes, we don't provide a "free trial". But we will provide you with access to appropriate references to help you feel comfortable with your decision to hire us. And if things don't work out, or the chemistry simply isn't right between us, we can simply part ways without any restrictive termination requirements.

Our Clients
Current and past clients include:

If you’d like to contact existing or former clients, please let us know and we’ll make the appropriate introductions.

Advisory Board

Bob Bales, co-founder and former CEO of PestPatrol
Conor Coffey, Executive recruiter
Norman Hirsch, President & CEO, NH&A
Bob Lowe, former CEO of SoftConnex Technologies, Inc. and former executive vice president of Trend Micro
Anthony Moquette, Sr. Web Architect, Web Development2
Rich Ptak, Ptak, Noel & Associates
Deepak Puri, Business Development Consultant
John Roberts, President, Nails QA Consulting
Jim Sherburne, The GMA Group
Robert Vibert, Principal, Segura Solutions