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"Pat Bitton is the best marketing navigator you can find for a startup company with ambitions to grow. Her guidance, advice, experience and strategic vision helped us to avoid many invisible obstacles. Within weeks of partnering with Euresto Partners and Pat Bitton, the Agnitum team was in perfect shape to address our most important marketing goals."
- Mikhail Penkovsky, VP Sales & Marketing, Agnitum Ltd.

"Jim and Pat have a knack for picking winners. As a well-established information security reseller, it's important that the products I recommend to my customers are high quality. It's also important that the vendors I work with understand my needs as a reseller with operations in the US and overseas. Over the years, I've come to trust them to deliver on all counts."
- Norman Hirsch, President & CEO, NH&A

"Pat is the best in the global security software development industry. There is no doubt Pat will again pick another winning team to partner with. Pat's next move is where I will invest my time and money."
- Moses Reynolds, Sr. Security Analyst, SemperFi Global

"Jim Leonard is an expert at jump starting the sales process for early stage companies - his energy and enthusiasm are second-to-none. He understands what's needed to get those first vital reference accounts in place, and the ability to close them."
- Bob Lowe, Pulitzer-Prize-winning writer and former Executive Vice President of Trend Micro.

"You have damn good instincts about this marketing stuff"
- Jeff Tarter, Editor & Publisher, Softletter

"Pat Bitton is a fast yet strategic thinker. She quickly grasps what needs to be done and can put the right program together to do it. She possesses the fortitude and flexibility to get the job done. Pat would be an asset to any company wanting to dominate its market."
Kristin Zhivago, Zhivago Marketing Partners

"I've known and worked with Pat for many years, since the early days of the anti-virus business, and her input into PestPatrol's early business planning was invaluable. She built a strong marketing team and international channel that were significant factors in the successful sale of the company."
- Bob Bales, President & CEO of PestPatrol, and co-founder of the National Computer Security Association (NCSA), later the ICSA and now known as TruSecure Corporation.

"Jim has a natural ability to find prospects' hot buttons and turn them into buyers - even better, repeat buyers. Companies trust his judgment and know he won't waste their time with solutions that don't fit their needs."
- Greg Gianforte, Founder and CEO, RightNow Technologies

"Our work with a wide range of IT-solutions companies has convinced us that it takes special blend of talents in sales and marketing to help technology-based companies grow. Pat has consistently displayed the skills and insight that effectively motivates market action. We always look forward to spending time with her and her clients."
- Rich Ptak, Ptak, Noel & Associates, A Valley View Ventures Affiliate